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Who Was Jojo?

We wish the entire world could have met her. An incredibly caring wife and a selfless, loving mother, Jo Ann Ensanian was perfect in our eyes. "Jojo" as her loved ones called her was the type of person you could not help but love and adore. Her values, her charm, her charisma, all resonated with everyone who was a part of her life. "Amazing" is an understatement.


Jojo was taken from this world on August 18th, 2012 from metastatic lung cancer (also making way into the pancreas). She possessed one dying wish; for her family to stay close and continue to love one another. As a direct result, this company was born.


We are the children of the beloved Jo Ann Ensanian. This company was founded by Danny and Lisa Ensanian, who are fulfilling their mother's final wish. Jojo's Chocolate Hope is our commitment to our mother and to every individual that has felt loss in the way that we have. We will forever remember her, and we will forever do our best.


Why chocolate though? Around Christmas time, Jojo would make large batches of melted chocolate swirled with various toppings. Once it were to cool and harden, she would break the chocolate into little fragmented pieces resembling tree bark, hence chocolate bark. It was given as a family gift and everyone seemed to rather enjoy this homemade craft. The original start to Jojo's Chocolate Hope featured various flavored barks and customized toppings. We've since then moved on to doing something even better with chocolate.


Jojo gave everyone in her life so much love and happiness. Now it is our turn to do the same for everyone in ours, and yours.


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