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This Is Our Story:

Jojo's Chocolate Hope is a gourmet chocolate brand with a passion-filled mission to impact the way we battle invasive diseases, both through preventative measures and emotional support.


Formed in September 2012 after the passing of their mother Jo Ann Ensanian, Danny & Lisa Ensanian began crafting a custom chocolate bark to generate funds for cancer research. Jojo's Chocolate Hope is their way of honoring their mother and continuing to support the cancer fighting community on her behalf.


After a successful holiday season of sales and events, Tayler Kaiserman joined the company to contribute a solid direction and mission which would turn into what you see today. By March 2013, Jojo's was launched and the formulation of a wellness chocolate has begun.


Our chocolate is formulated with your wellness in mind, using organic and powerful, antioxidant-packed super foods to bring you unique and robust flavors. Our dark chocolate is composed of the most raw and organic cacao liquor and sweetened entirely with Stevia, which means most bars (depending on flavor) are sugar free! That's right, they are safe for cancer-catering diets and diabetics.


Aside from a delicious and healthy chocolate bar, we are also Hope; we are a smile on a loved one's face and that bit of sunshine and optimism for those in need. We are a community of fighters who want to rid the world of cancer, diabetes, and other invasive diseases. Jojo's is going to lead this fight and we'd love you to come along with us.


The best part is, 15% of our sales go back to the cause. That means 15% of every bar you purchase is donated back to the fight against cancer. Each bar you purchase is your personal donation to our mission, and your sweet tooth.

Who Are We?

We are a young group of three motivated, dynamic, and high-spirited partners who did not come from the chocolate or charitable donation industry, but instead from real life situations that provided the inspiration for such a project. Jojo's is our commitment to those we love and those we have lost.


Danny and Lisa are the children of the beloved Jo Ann Ensanian, who are fulfilling their mother's final wish of keeping family together. Jojo's Chocolate Hope is our commitment to her and every other individual that has felt loss in the way that we have. We will forever remember her, and we will forever do our best. This is our commitment as Jojo's Chocolate Hope.​

What is "Chocolate Hope?"​​​​​

Our chocolate is a symbol of hope and happiness, and a way to snack healthy too. All of our 2oz. bars are 100% free of refined sugars (sweetened with Stevia!) and safe in moderation for diabetics and restricted cancer diets. If we're looking to fight cancer through fundraising and preventative diets, we thought we should do so with a health conscious chocolate bar!


Each bar contains the most delicious and antioxidant-packed ingredients  with your health in mind. But most importantly, as you indulge, you are helping to save lives through our annual donations to the cancer fighting community. Please take a moment to read more about our mission in the "Mission" section of our website.



Thank you for your support!

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