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Better Chocolate. Better Feels!

Our debut lineup of raw, organic, healthy chocolate bars.

Jojo's Chocolate is crafted around your well-being. Our chocolate is a gourmet, natural, and healthy alternative to many of the other chocolates you can find on the market. We take out all of the unnecessary additives, preservatives, and sugars and give you the benefits of the cacao bean that nature intended for us to enjoy. Our ingredients are listed above with each chocolate bar's description. You'll be able to pronounce most of the items listed there which is always a good sign!


Disclaimer: Not all nutrition is available at this time.

Smooth Chocolate Nutrition:

Nutritional information from our original smooth dark chocolate bars. This is

an entirely sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan chocolate. We suggest smaller serving sizes of approx. 21g (1/3 of a bar) for such a rich chocolate. Nutritional

information for our other flavors will become available pending labratory results.


*Please note that our product now contains an organic, non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin emulsifier.


Disclaimer: Based on nutritional value of our Smooth Criminal bar.


The Benefits Of Chocolate:

There are many ways in which the cacao bean and chocolate aid our bodies. Eating the right type of chocolate doesn't necessarily need to be an occasional treat. Chocolate can:


  • Relax blood vessels.

  • Lower blood pressure, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and blood glucose; while improving insulin function.

  • Can reduce markers of angiogenesis through it's high level of antioxidants.

  • Raise levels of dopamine (the “well-being” hormone) and oxytocin (the “attachment” hormone, released during sex and while breast-feeding a baby)

  • At least 70% cocoa content is recommended to maximize the outcome of these benefits.


Our Claims: What Do They Mean?

Sugar Free: Our chocolate is made without any refined sugars. Our flavored bars will carry trace amounts of fructose (natural fruit sugars) which are typically not a threat under .5g per serving.


No Sugar Added: One or more ingredients contain sugars which may exceed more than .5g per serving. Those with diabetes may enjoy in moderation.


Gluten Free: Safe for those fighting Celiac disease. Free of protein composites found in wheat.


Vegan: Contains no ingredients of animal origin whatsoever.


Non-GMO: Stands for "Genetically Modified Organism." No ingredients used have been modified from their original state.


Diabetic Friendly: Our chocolates contain little or no sugars and can be eaten by diabetics in moderation.


Dairy & Soy Free: Our chocolates are crafted without the use of any dairy or soy products.

Meet Our Chocolatier!

Chef Christopher Daly


The Jojo's Team has been blessed to have met and worked with Pastry Chef and founder of the HIP4KIDS organization, a non-profit design to educate children and parents alike on nutrition and healthy eating. Jojo's teamed up with Chris in the summer of 2013 to put together an new way of crafting chocolate; sugar-free, organic, healthy and gourmet. After months of trial and error, experimenting with new ingredients, and fiddling between process steps, the chocolate you taste today is the beautiful result. Please visit his website and support his initiative!


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