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What Is Stevia?

Stevia is a healthy, calorie-free, carb-free alternative to refined / table sugars and other artificial sweeteners. A herb native to South America, stevia has recently taken the interest of scientists and nutritionists as a substantially healthier choice when it comes to sweeteners. Although research is still being conducted by the FDA for additional health benefits, many third-party studies have made some incredible discoveries.


Stevia is 200-300 times sweeter than your standard table sugar and can absolutely be used in your coffees and teas. When added to chocolate in its fine powdered form, Stevia can easily give a beautifully unique sweetness and flavor to raw cacao. But what else is it about Stevia that makes it so special?


We can't always cure cancer quite yet, but we can take steps towards preventing it in our bodies with a healthy, conscious diet and exercise. Jojo's Chocolate is a way to enjoy sweet, flavorful dark chocolate without sacrificing this lifestyle. Here are some more facts:



Stevia is composed of Steviol compounds; the molecules found inside each Stevia leaf. These compounds are accompanied by various vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, C, Zinc, Iron, Riboflavin, Selenium, and more. You can enjoy the benefits and taste of Stevia without any calorie, fat, or carb intake.


Additional Benefits & Findings:

Chromium can be found in Stevia leaves, a compound that has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels (as opposed to encouraging a spike). In certain forms, Stevia has also shown to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and other organisms. Other studies have shown steviol molecules to have successfully blocked certain types of carcinogen molecules in mice, as well as possible anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory affects. Although much more research is necessary, Stevia carries the potential to possess cancer inhibiting properties. Genotoxic testing has also given indication that Stevia is not carcinogenic.


Stevia enables us to create diabetic friendly treats, as blood sugar will generally remain stable or at a normal increase after consumption of a Stevia sweetened product. 




Regarding sensitive diets, perhaps including no-carb, or sugar-free diets, Stevia can accommodate your cravings without doing harm to your body. Refined and bleached sugars pack on unnecessary pounds over time and can develop into addicting cravings. They also can potentially weaken your immune system, adding no substantial nutritional value to your diet.


Testing & Warnings:

Although Stevia has not been found to be harmful in most human diets, many additional tests are being conducted while research continues to be performed by the FDA and private labs. Some studies show that steviol at high dosages may possess weak mutagenic activity. As mentioned on our packaging, further studies regarding the consumption of Stevia in pregnant or nursing women need to be finalized.


We are unsure at this time whether Stevia will have negative effects on the parent or infant's development. Please consult with your doctor before consuming a Stevia sweetened product.



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