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The Jojo's Mission: Chocolate For A Cure


Our families, like many others, have witnessed the tragedy known as invasive cancer. We have watched loved ones suffer and we have seen the suffering in the spirits of those who watch. What we've witnessed has ignited the desire to help in any way that we can; all in hopes of someday soon finding a cure.


We want to help. Cancer of all types not only affects the individual, but everyone else in the victim's immediate circle. Fighting cancer is a difficult and exhausting process and unfortunately the outcome can not always be certain. However, it is known that maintaining hopeful and high spirits throughout the treatment process has resulted in higher overall successful outcomes.


We are making a difference through the creation of a healthy, sugar-free chocolate for those in search of a better lifestyle whether you are battling an invasive disease or simply getting back into shape. We want to help you adopt a preventative dietary lifestyle so cancer will never have to enter your life.


We are making a difference by creating a community of hope; a family of victims, survivors, and supporters alike who can spread awareness for prevention with us.


We are making a difference through donation. A portion of every chocolate bar sold will go directly back to the foundations and people that need it most. We believe that there are hundreds of beautiful organizations that help to develop treatments for various cancers, but we want to be the ones to make a more personal impact towards families who need treatment and support right here, right now. Stay in touch with us to see exactly where your donations are going!​ ​


We will keep you up to date with every donation milestone we hit. Sign up for our newsletter to see where your impact is being made! Thank you so much to everyone who is helping our cause and helping to spread the word about Chocolate For A Cure.


How We Fight!

Jojo's Chocolate Hope fights the battle against cancer in three ways:


- Through a raw, organic, healthy chocolate and promotion of a preventative diet.

- Through annual donations to various foundations and families.

- Through hope, support & community.


Check back here for a list of contributions Jojo's has made as we raise donations with your help. We'll also be looking very forward to providing a summary of the donations we've raised through your contributions for 2014.


Want To Donate Without

The Chocolate?

No one's stopping you, and the cause certainly needs the help! Click the donate button to make a donation of any size and 100% of everything we collect here will be passed along to cancer research and hospitals! Thank you so much for your generosity!
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