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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I Get My Order?


At this time we are only able to offer standard (and international) shipping via our online store. As we continue to develop our store capabilities, we will offer an array of rush shipping options. If you have a special request or require a rush order, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate. Shipping and order fulfillment will also depend on inventory available. For out of stock items, please allow us 3-4 business days to re-stock.



How Often Is Your Chocolate Made?

We dedicate 2-3 nights a week to producing our chocolate bars depending on the frequency of incoming orders. They are then stored in a temperature controlled facility for maximum freshness.


Where Are All The Peanut Butter, Caramel, & Milk Chocolate Flavors?

As much as we all can enjoy these treats once in a while, it wouldn't be saying much battling invasive disease with unhealthy, sugar-packed flavors. Remember, in large quantities, sugar can act as a carcinogen. Once we formulate ways to offer these flavors without the health risks, we'll be more than happy to share them with you!



Where Are The Nutrition Facts On Your Packaging?

Being a small business and a specialty food, we are not yet required to provide nutrition directly on the packaging. The process is also expensive and time consuming, however we will be working towards this for your convenience very soon. We're proud of the ingredients that go into our bars so please click here to view more information. For more specific nutrition facts, please feel free to inquire.



Why Stevia?

Stevia is a healthy, calorie free, carb free, and an extreme naturally sweet alternative to refined sugars and other artificial sweeteners that can do your body harm. Studies have shown that Stevia can serve as a cancer inhibiter in moderated intake. Our goal is to promote a healthy (but enjoyable) lifestyle and we feel Stevia can help us on this path. *Please do note that women that are pregnant or nursing should consult their doctor before consuming Stevia as it's safety in these conditions has not been confirmed.



Is Your Chocolate Diabetic Friendly? Safe For Cancer Patients?

Yes, our chocolate mass is 100% sugar free (sweetened with Stevia extract). Stevia has been shown in certain trials to be cancer inhibiting, although not FDA approved at this point in time. The only sugars you will find are controlled amounts of natural sugars (fructose). Please be mindful of our packaging labels for details. All of our chocolate can be consumed in moderation and will not cause higher than normal blood sugar spikes.



Can You Attend My Cancer Fundraiser?

Yes! Whether you want us to speak, share our experiences, sell our product, or simply attend, we can give our best effort to make an appearance. If we are able to set up a small table, we may arrange to donate a portion of our profits for the day to your fundraiser directly. It is the least we can do for your willingness to host us!



Is Your Chocolate Made Around Nuts?

Our facilities used to craft our chocolate are  nut free work spaces and there are no nuts directly added to our recipes. However, in a shared kitchen space, there is never a 100% guarantee that nuts have not been used previously. If you are allergic to trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts, please consume with caution.



What Are Your Certifications? Is Your Chocolate Kosher?

Our chocolate is a lot of things! However in the world of a growing business, it becomes extremely expensive to become formally certified in the areas we wish to be. Our chocolate is gluten free, vegan, sugar free/low sugar, non-GMO, fair trade, among other qualities. We are not currently certified as a Kosher product.  We will gain this certification with time.



Why Pay For Gourmet When I Can Find A Hershey's Bar For $1.29?

Jojo's Chocolate Hope prides itself in promoting a healthy lifestyle. We use wholesome, organic, specialty, gourmet ingredients from all over the country to achieve the purest tastes possible without the extra sugars, fats, and additives. We also pride ourselves in donating to a very personal cause to most people all over the world. With the price you pay for a Jojo's Chocolate Bar, you are making your very own personal contribution! It's something to feel good about!



Can I Place An Order And Donate At The Same Time?

Unfortunately at this point in time our online store does not allow us to combine purchases and donations within the same transaction. We're very sorry for the inconvenience and plan on making this adjustment in the near future. We very much appreciate any orders and donations you send our way!



If there are any questions that we may answer for you that have not been addressed or may be unclear, absolutely feel free to inquire on our contact page. Thank you for your support!

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